Led by art therapy, communication, & music professionals, we provide virtual, therapeutic arts services and classes to persons of all ages and diverse abilities.


Whether you are interested in creative expression with a group or for individuals, we have something for everyone!

Visual Arts encompasses a wide variety of media and methods to explore creatively.

Paint, chalk, technology, recycled items, clay, wood, and many items of from nature provide an opportunity for creative expression on every level. 

Performance arts may include many forms of creative expression which can be viewed by an audience.

In our fun group or individual programs we may explore, drama and acting, singing, dancing, drumming, playing an instrument, and more.

Literary Arts allow individuals to use language as the primary method creative expression. 

Written works of art, such as books, poetry, tales, song-writing, and journaling may all be explored.  

Meet Our Facilitators & Guests

Meet the skilled professional facilitators who share a passion for creative expression, community, and collaboration.
They are always motivated to share their experience and expertise with participants of our programs.